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sound recordist / sound artist / composer


millennium mills (touch)

Over 12 months, the Greater London Authority granted Aino Tytti unrestricted access to The Millennium Mills, a vast and decaying derelict mill site in London's docklands. The project focuses on taking a series of field recordings within the mills, then using these recordings in post-composition to create a series of sound pieces. Traditional air mics were used, alongside more experimental recording techniques and equipment such as contact mics, geophones and hydrophones. This allowed harmonics, patterns, textures and resonances in the building and structural foundations to be revealed that wouldn’t ordinarily be heard by the ear.


The release is available from the Touch website as a digital download and is accompanied with a 17 page booklet of text and photographs, which explores the context and approach in detail.

Live installation performance

For this live performance, several sets of microphones were placed in various locations around an acoustically complex gallery space, split over two open-plan mezzanine floors. Working with the space allowed me to mix and 'tune' the areas for specific echo, reverb and resonance frequencies. These feeds were then mixed down live, alongside the original source material.


Extract of a piece exhibited at the Mile End Pavilion in London. A collaboration with psychogeographer and writer Bradley Garrett, commissioned by the Wellcome Trust.

Exhibition wall notes:


The source material stems from a series of field recordings made at Denning Point, a 23 story residential building in Tower Hamlets, to investigate the meaning of rest in London’s changing cityscape.


The sounds of the environment, the building and its structure - some inaudible to the human ear - were captured using experimental recording techniques. These have been turned into a composition by Tytti, which features a spoken word piece assembled by Garrett from the works of numerous writers and scholars who reflect on the nature of vertical living.

The piece is an invitation to listen and think about the impact of vertical architecture on our sonic and social experiences of the city.

Live set with william basinski

Aino Tytti live set at Arcadia. An event at St John Church in Hackney curated by William Basinski. Sets on the night from Aino Tytti, William Basinski and Michael Gira of the band Swans.


Full gig review here:…20314-148476


On a visit to the Snaefelssness Peninsula in Iceland to take a series of recordings on the Snaefellsjokull Volcano glacier for a commission, i gained the opportunity to take some contact microphone recordings of the tallest structure in Western Europe for the Touch label.

The structure is a 412 metre high guyed longwave radio mast, stationed at Gufuskalar in the vicinity of Hellissandur, very near to the Snaefellsjokull Volcano. Due to the extreme environment in which it sits, it creates some stunningly beautiful sounds as it flexes, expands and contracts in the icy winds and hot sun. It needs to be heard to be believed.

LISTEN HERE: Hellissandur Mast at Touch Music

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