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sound recordist / sound artist / composer


Aino Tytti is an accomplished sound recordist, sound artist and composer with over 10 years experience. He regularly receives commissions from partners as diverse as the BBC, the Wellcome Trust and Ace Hotel, with projects taking him to destinations as far as the Snæfellsnes volcano in Iceland, the wilds of Patagonia and as close to home as the Millennium Mills in London’s docklands.


Tytti’s latest self-initiated release is Millennium Mills, released on the Touch record label in the UK. The album gained praise from a wide spectrum of press, described by The Wire magazine as “an elegiac response to our time” and “a striking example of the compelling ways sound helps us to remember” by Caught by the River.

A continuing theme in his work is the notion of expanded listening within the built and urban environment - the exploration, capture and re-contextualisation of the sounds around us which are unheard. Using experimental and forensic recording techniques, hidden accents, textures and harmonics in the everyday are revealed and presented to the listener in new and startling ways.



The following hardware and software tools are used:

Sound recorders:

  • Sonosax SX-R4+ Multitrack Recorder

  • Sound Devices 744


  • DPA SMK4060 omni directional microphones

  • Sennheiser AMBEO Ambisonic 4 channel microphone

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone

  • JRF C-Series contact microphones

  • JRF C-Series hydrophones

  • Telinga Universal Mk2 Parabolic

Post processing and composition mixdown:

  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton Live

  • Envelop - Ambisonic

  • iZotope RX

  • Harpex

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